Thanksgiving Party, Upcoming Community Events, Simon & Schuster Reception... and more!

Time flies! 

There's so much in store at the Vancouver Women's Library as the leaves change. Read on for the latest information and updates on events and opportunities coming up for us!

Your insights, advice, feedback, and suggestions on our ongoing collective work is so vital. Please don't hesitate to comment here, message on Sling, or email about any ideas or thoughts you may have. Thank you so much for your time, care, and labour. It's what makes the Vancouver Women's Library possible!

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New Volunteers Blog!

Emails are great, but can pose a barrier at times to have to sift through for previous updates. The Sling website and app are helpful too, but details can get lost in message threads...

Hoping this blog can keep a record of weekly updates for and by volunteers.

If you can bookmark this page on your browsers toolbars (ctrl + D), it could be an easy way to keep track of important information about the library as they arise!

Please comment on the post or via email with any thoughts/ideas/suggestions. An update email for members should also be sent out soon!

Apologies for how long this first post is - there's a lot of important and exciting news to share! There is a TL;DR section at the bottom if you'd like to just get a gist at the moment and revisit later.

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