Coming up this weekend... and beyond! At the Vancouver Women's Library


This Saturday!

Back by popular demand - Join us this Saturday evening for the second women's hormonal health workshop at the VWL hosted by the amazing Emma Devin of Pacific North Birth Services!

During this workshop you will gain a practical understanding of the complex workings of reproductive hormones and how they affect women's daily lives. Women of all ages with any hormonal concerns welcome. 

Topics will include:
- Logistical and practical knowledge of your cycle
- Tips and trick to cope with your daily hormonal health
- Herbal medicine recommendations
- Brief explanation of menstrual abnormalities and understanding
- General knowledge of your reproductive health
- Q&A and discussion after to wrap it up and debrief!
- Comes with a visual presentation to help make it more concise and go over the workshop at your leisure later (Link will be emailed after workshop!)

No registration required. Doors will open at 6:30pm. We recommend coming early to claim a spot for this much anticipated event. We will have comfortable floor seating available, as well as couch, chair, and bench seating -  please feel free to bring a pillow or cushion as well! 


Rain Down Words Writing Workshops


Deb's writing workshops are an incredible opportunity to explore your inner intuition for healing, growth, and inspiration. Check out her upcoming workshops and register now to guarantee your spot! Deb is also donating a portion of her proceeds to the VWL. We are so grateful Deb - thank you!


Coming soon!


In October, we will be launching a drop-in positive choices homework and study club for girls, to encourage healthy habits via informal tutoring and mentoring relationships with VWL volunteers. Healthy snacks will be provided! 


We are incredibly excited to bring you bilingual Spanish/English storytimes this fall thanks to our volunteer Mariana!  Children and their caretakers of all genders and language backgrounds and abilities are very welcome to attend. 


Stressed about midterms? Fear no more! We will be hosting ongoing evening study sessions for students and anyone else looking for a quiet, supportive space to get our work done together.  


The brain behind our summer film series is back! Sure to be a wonderful array of films thanks to Yaz's wonderful eye for beauty and drama. We're really looking forward to this enriching aspect of the library to return.

Library News

Feminist Materials from Artist Sudie Rakusin

We are so grateful to renowned feminist artist Sudie Rakusin for donating two boxes full of archival feminist materials all the way from North Carolina! We are so excited to add these amazing items to our collection and begin their circulation amongst our members. Be sure to check them out during your next visit and follow Sudie Rakusin's page on Facebook for updates and opportunities to purchase her beautiful artwork.  Many thanks to Sudie's assistant Kat McGee for sorting and sending these treasures to us!

Books from Womancraft Publishing


Our heartfelt thanks also goes out to Lucy and Sharon of Womancraft Publishing for their generous gift of incredible woman-centered texts for our members.  We are deeply grateful for these books to support the empowerment of women and girls in our community. Please be sure to followtheir page and online store to support the important work of women publishers and writers. 

New: Self-Renewals & Tags on Libib!


Libib has launched a new self-renewal feature that will allow you a one-time renewal of your items online! All you have to do is create a patron login through our VWL Catalogue page and click renew! If you would like to renew your items more than once, please don't hesitate to email us to assist you. We are happy to help and committed to providing a no-fees low-barrier library lending service for all women and girls. 

We have also been diligently tagging materials with relevant subject headings to facilitate greater access and searchability of our collection. If you are looking for particular items or themes, check out this neat feature available on our catalogue page.