Public Statement Regarding the Closure of the Vancouver Women's Library 


To our supporters near and far:

As we prepare to close our doors at this time, we will be selling some of our stock. We have an array of texts written by women authors including literature, theory, poetry, cultural studies, history, philosophy, children’s books (in English, Spanish, Farsi), local and B.C Authors, First Nations and Indigenous texts, feminist magazines, zines and non-fiction and more!

We are hosting a sale to pay off some of our debts--specifically pertaining to rent and utilities. As it is not possible for us to store the entire collection, we have curated a collection to keep as the Vancouver Women’s Library archive, carefully selected to reflect the demonstrated care of the community and all of the women who have donated to our library collection. For the purpose of gallery pop-ups and reading rooms, as well as preserving our history. The remaining books will be donated to feminist organizations with similar imperatives, specifically educating the public about women’s writing throughout history.

We want to be clear that no profits will be made from the texts donated by our community or materials that have been purchased through small grants. Any profits generated from the sale will be donated to feminist organizations and initiatives, specifically to women who we have worked alongside the VWL. Of approximately 2000 texts, we will be keeping 200 for our 'forever archive' and donating a few hundred to feminist organizations.

Most of our books have a ‘donated in the name of’ sticker and are embossed with the Vancouver Women’s Library logo. Some of our books are embossed by previous libraries and organizations, and now share the VWL logo too. We believe that the spirit of the library will live on, within the homes, shelves, reading circles and organizations of other women and girls.

We do not wish to exercise blame, regrets or disappointments. There are many factors which have contributed to our decision. We would prefer to affirm ourselves and the efforts which have taken place and hold ourselves accountable for the remaining weeks of VWL’s operation.

We thank you and we honour you.

~The Bookwomen of VWL