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Bookwomen of the 1970s: A Conversation

Following a fabulous event at the Belkin (, Vancouver’s legendary bookwomen approached us in hopes of a collaboration. We wanted to continue the conversation about the importance of books and women’s spaces. 

Join us for an evening of stories and a lively discussion about the “fast moving feminist scene” (Jeannine Mitchell) of the 1970s. This evening will center on the lives of the women who were involved in Vancouver’s literary, press and magazine culture of the 1970s, including the women who founded and sustained the Vancouver Women’s Bookstore and other feminist projects (such as Pedestal, Pressgang and Makara among others). A Conversation: seeks to engender an intimate setting of storytelling, mediated through a discussion of literature, feminism (past/present), friendship and labour. 


It is important for (us) younger feminists to continue the dialogue and action of the women who came before us, to continue the legacy of women-run presses, bookstores, libraries and reading groups. We are a part of something greater: feminisms of the present that focus on readership, intellectual freedom and community engagement, Out on the Shelves, L’Eugelionne, Rereading room etc. as a continuation of the activities of the 1970s. 

The conversation will begin at 7pm. 

The Vancouver Women’s Bookstore opened in downtown Vancouver in 1973, at a time when the women’s movement was producing many feminist books, pamphlets and periodicals that were largely unavailable in local stores. To stock the store, organizers bought books from wholesalers, hand-sold them at women’s cultural events and used the proceeds to buy more until they had enough books and journals to line the shelves. The bookstore was also a space for literary readings, workshops and political organizing meetings, and it became a connection point for the international feminist network. The building was burned down by an arsonist in 1980, and the store moved twice before it closed in 1996.

~Free event + RSVP required (we will be accepting donations for our fundraising efforts)
~Open to all
~After party from 9-late.