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Film Screening: Cameraperson

Cameraperson is a 2016 autobiographical collage documentary film. The film is an account by director Kirsten Johnson about her life and career as a cinematographer. It relies on footage shot by Johnson across the years in numerous different countries.

Adocumentary film-maker and cinematographer for 25 years, Kirsten Johnson uses clips from her vast body of work to create what she describes as a “memoir”. But this fascinating collage is more than that – it’s an interrogation of the relationship between the person behind the camera and the one in front of it; it’s an insight into the struggle between impartiality and the urge to intervene (we hear Johnson’s muttered prayers as a Bosnian toddler plays with an axe; we hear her cry along with a young woman at an abortion clinic). And although we only see Johnson’s face once, briefly, it’s a detailed self-portrait of an extraordinary woman.

This film screening is part of our Spring/Summer 2017 film programming schedule. Stay tuned for our monthly screenings which aim to highlight women's achievements in global cinema. All screenings are by donation; popcorn and beverages will be provided.
Programmed by Yaz Ebrahi.