Thanks to your wonderful generosity we have run out of space! We are no longer able to facilitate drop-off or pick-up of book donations at this time. 
If you have any rare or out-of-print feminist ephemera or materials you'd like to donate to our community, we would love to hear from you. You can also add to our future book orders suggestions list via our wishlist


We are always looking for creative library items to add to our collection to continue to improve our service to women and girls. If you have an interesting or practical idea for library donations, from toilet paper & toner subscriptions to light bulbs, to board games and power tools, we would be very grateful to begin our communication with you


Our library is 100% funded by donations. Every contribution big and small will be maximized to our best ability, accounted for and acknowledged.

Your donations will help us redesign and refurbish our library space with better, more comfortable furniture, shelving, signage and equipment to serve our growing collection and membership. All acquired second-hand, built, or painted by our extremely resourceful, talented, and dedicated group of women who volunteer their labour and time.

An important priority for us is to develop our multilingual collection and fix our signage to better reflect the beautiful diversity of our library members and the community we have the privilege to organize in. We are also expanding our children and young adult collections with amazing materials to encourage, nurture, and support our younger members, also in a variety of languages to reflect our community.

We have been honoured to learn from and offer our space to Indigenous and Asian feminists for their organizing needs. We are committed to supporting our indigenous and non-white members and feminist leaders in every way we can: through sharing our resources and space, listening and following through.Your donations will fund future collaborations and partnerships with women, free menstrual products for all library visitors, coffee, tea, and nutritious snacks as we begin our girls' homework and chess clubs in the fall.

Your donations will help build a women's resource-sharing network database, because we believe that every woman and girl has something to offer. Every woman and girl is a library of knowledge and experience unto herself. In sharing our resources with one another, we gain an entire community of strong, powerful individuals who have each other's backs, who will hold one another accountable, who will help one another develop and grow to our full capacities. 

Your donations will help us document our processes and share them with the world, to encourage and show women and girls everywhere that they're not alone, and that they can do it too. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.