Why Women Libraries?

The 21st century is a pool of many new developments, key among them being women’s evolution. It is during this era that women fought for the right of belonging and are gradually succeeding in this fight. This has enabled them to engage in many aspects, including but not limited to, developing and growing women libraries.

So far, Jessie Street National Women Library, Bibliothèque Marguerite Durand, Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison, The Women’s Library, The Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation, and Biblioteca Delle Donne are among the leading women libraries globally. But why exactly do these libraries exist in today’s world?

Women Empowerment

The first and main aim of the women libraries is to empower young ladies and girls. Influencing this is the fact that although women enjoy most of the rights, this does not happen to all women across the globe. Some even lack the direct to direct empowerment that organizations offer due to various challenges like inaccessibility of their respective areas.

Teaching and Learning

Women libraries do not only comprise books meant to inspire young ladies and girls. They also comprise writings that seek to educate the girl child. Consider the case of the Biblioteca delle Donne Library earthed in Italy. This library features a multitude of manuscripts and books explaining feminism and gender studies. As a result, it acts as a source of education as it provides gender studies to feminists and women interested in understanding the past, present, and future of women.

Preservation of history

It does not matter if you have taken history classes or not. The fact remains that you are aware of colonialism and how it affected women and girls. It took the formation of women organizations and iron ladies to enjoy what they enjoy today. In an attempt to idolize these great women and their great strides, which explain why women libraries exist.