Rethinking Donating to Libraries

Donations, regardless of the sector, are known for being beneficial. However, then the nature of humans depicts that different persons are bound to have different opinions on whichever subject matter. This means that, to some extent, donations may end up being a curse rather than being a blessing. Let’s take the case of libraries.

Most of them run through funding and donations and to clear our doubts on if these aids are meaningful to libraries, we conducted background research. In a nutshell, the results depicted that donation to libraries is not specific to being merit or a demerit. It can be either of the two and here is how:

Donations as a Merit

Different libraries serve a different purpose. For a multipurpose library, any books donated will see the library thrive. This is because people are sure that they can successfully find anything they want in that library. With this, the library can grow as it is a priority for many people. Also, donations such as money will help a just established library to add more necessities to keep the library going. But there is another side of the coin.

Donations as a Demerit

Donations can equally be a curse. Take the case of a library that only deals with science books and of the higher learning institution students alone. Donating literature books here is a curse because it is as good as doing nothing. This is because nobody will use, and if the library desires to feel the positive impact of these donations, they have to go the extra mile and sell the books, get money and buy science books or exchange books with science books, which is an additional task.

Bottom Line

Donors need to understand that donations can be good as well as bad. Since the aim of donations is helping, they need to first understand the nature of the library before going ahead to donate.