Donating Books for a Good Cause

Why should you donate books to a library?

Wondering what to do with your old books that you don’t read anymore?

There are many ways you can give back to society. For people who are better off than most people can donate in-kind (cash, food, etc). Those who are not so well off can also do their part in donating old clothing and books to those in need.

Sharing your love, by giving old books to the library, not only helps those who are less fortunate but also to those who do not have access to books.

Remember not everyone is as fortunate to be able to afford to buy books. By donating, you have given a wonderful opportunity to this group of people a chance to enrich their life.

Benefits of donating your old books to the library:

1. Give your books a fresh looks

2. Helps to save the trees by recycling old books

3. Enrich someone else’s life at the same time

4. Create a loving environment, Sharing is caring

5. Play a part in sharing the joy of reading

6. Help to change someone life for the better

7. Impart knowledge to the less fortunate

For those who are less fortunate, the only way for them to get out of poverty is through education. Books are one of the best ways to educate, motivate and inspire you to change your life for the better.

Give a chance to the less fortunate to change their quality of life at the same time

When you help others you are also helping yourself. It helps in enhancing your sense of happiness and well-being. You can do your part to the community by just donating old books to the library.

Give what you can and make a difference in someone’s life.